Configure Widgets

Widget settings are divided into two groups:

a) For this widget: The settings, such as its location and specific FAQs, apply only to this widget. This allows each Widget to have custom FAQs and other features for a subset of site pages, tailoring the content of each page.

b) For all widgets: The settings are shared and common between all widgets, regardless of the page each widget is displayed on. These settings include colors, text, and some other features.

To access the settings:

  1. Go to Help Dialog
  2. Open the Widgets page
  3. Click on the Edit button for the widget you wish to edit
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Choose the pages to display the Help Dialog widget on. Add pages by searching for them.

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Create, modify, and delete Questions and Answers (FAQs). Add FAQs to the Widget and remove FAQs from the Widget.

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Choose how Search should behave in the Help Dialog widget:

  • Enable or disable the search feature.
  • Enable or disable searching regular posts.
  • If the free Echo Knowledge Base plugin is installed, choose which Articles to search. You can get Echo KB here.
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  • Change the name of your widget, that is, the nickname used for Admin screens.
  • Change initial message settings (PRO Only). Click here to learn more. 
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Customize the colors of the widget:

  • Start by applying one of the pre-made color designs.
  • Optional: Customize individual colors below the Predefined Colors.
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Customize the text and labels for the widget.

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Customize the launcher:

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Customize the Dialog Box:

  • Dialog Width: Small, Medium, or Large
  • Powered by Text (PRO only): on / off
  • Display Mode: option to show the FAQs Tab, Contact Us tab, or both.
  • Mobile Break Point: This value is the size of the mobile screen. When the screen gets this small, the dialog will become full width of the page. This makes it more usable on small screens.
  • Contact form: Form input settings.
  • Article / Post Preview: Settings when user is previewing article.
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