Configure Widgets

Widget configuration includes:

  • Selection of pages to display Help Dialog Widget
  • Creation of Frequently Asked Questions
  • Search setup for FAQs, Posts, and Articles
  • Colors, text, and labels configuration
  • Size of Help Dialog Widget
  • HD Launcher and other settings

Choose pages to display the Help Dialog widget. Add more pages by searching for them.

1 - Open Hep Dialog admin menu.

2 - Select the Widgets menu item and click the Edit button below the widget to edit.

3 - Click on Pages tab.

4, 6, 7: Optional: Start typing a name in order to select one or more Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types.

5 - Selected pages (posts/CPTs) are displayed below the input field.

8 - Save your changes.

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Create, modify and delete Questions and Answers (FAQs). Add FAQs to the Widget and remove FAQs from the Widget.

1 - Select the FAQ tab.

2 - Search for specific questions to add to this Widget.

3 - Add Questions to the Widget.

4 - Create new Questions.

5 - Edit and delete Questions. If a question is deleted, it will be deleted from all Widgets. In this case a warning will show which widgets will be affected.

6 - Edit Questions and remove Questions from this Widget.

7 - Save changes.

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Choose how Search should behave in the Help Dialog widget:

1 - Select the Search tab.

2 - Enable or disable the search feature.

3 - Enable or disable searching regular posts.

4 - If the free Echo Knowledge Base plugin is installed, choose which Articles to search. You can get Echo KB here.

5 - Save changes.

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Customize the colors of the Widget:

1 - Select the Colors tab.

2 - Start by applying one of the pre-made color designs.

3 - Optional: Customize individual colors.

4 - Preview color changes.

5 - Save changes.

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Optional: change the Widget size:

1 - Select the Size tab.

2 - Set the size of the Widget. Note that the change will be reflected only on the front end.

3 - Save changes.

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Change the Widget name and update the global settings that will affect all Widgets:

1 - Select the Settings tab.

2 - Change the Widget nickname.

3 - Launcher Mode - Choose how the initial launch icon will be displayed.

4 - Launcher Icon - Select which icon to display.

5 - Launcher Text - if the selected mode in (3) includes text, enter the text to display with the launcher icon.

6 - Launcher Location - The launcher can be dislayed either in the left or right margin of the web page.

7 - Launcher Bottom Distance - This determines how far from the page bottom the launcher will be displayed.

8 - Powered By Text - The tag  is displayed at the bottom of the Help Dialog Widget to indicate the authors of the Help Dialog. This helps us to promote the Help Dialog to potential users to grow the user base and continue to improve the Help Dialog product.

9 - Email for Submissions - Submissions from the Contact Form in the Help Dialog Widgets are sent to this email.

10 - Global Size Settings - Control the width of the Help Dialog for various screen sizes.

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