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Help Dialog PRO Required

Reach Analytics requires the Help Dialog PRO plugin. The PRO plugin includes Reach, Engagement, and Content Analytics.

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Reach analytics shows initial user interaction with the Help Dialog. Did the user open the Help Dialog and which pages did users interact with the most and least? By default, admins, editors, and authors have their interactions with the Help Dialog excluded from analytics.

1-3 Navigate to the Help Dialog menu, open the Analytics page ,and click on the Engagement tab.

4 - Optionally select a date range to retrieve analytics. "Last 30 Days" is automatically selected.


help dialog analytics for reach
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C.T.R. measures the usage of the Help Dialog in relation to page views. Formula:

Click-through Rate = impressions / HD launcher clicks

1 - Total views of pages with the Help Dialog
2 - Total clicks on the Help Dialog launcher
3 - Total Click-through Rate

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These pages are either too complex to understand, or they are of great interest to the user who is looking for additional information.

1 - List of top pages.
2 - Click "See More" to expand the list of top pages.
3 - The number of times a user viewed the Help Dialog on that page.
4 - How many times a user clicked to open the Help Dialog on that page.
5 - CTR (Click-Through Rate) is total clicks to open the Help Dialog divided by total views per page.

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These pages are either too simple or not interesting enough for a user to ask about.

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