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Improve Your FAQs, Articles, and Search With Extensive Analytics

PRO Extension is $40 for 1 Site

A License is valid for 1 year of support and updates from the date of purchase.

All pricing in USD. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time.

Analytics about FAQs helps the admin determine which FAQs are helpful to users and which FAQs should be replaced with better ones. Tailor your Questions to each page to help your users.

Available Analytics:

Most Helpful Page FAQs

Least Helpful Page FAQs

Most Popular Questions

Least Popular Questions

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With the free Echo Knowledge Base plugin, analytics about articles will be displayed as well.

Available Analytics:

Most Popular Articles

Least Popular Articles

Search Results With No Articles Found

As user searches FAQs, Articles and Posts, search analytics will be recorded.

Available Analytics:

Searches Initiated

Top Searched Keywords

Search Results With No FAQs Found

Search Results With No Articles Found

Search Results With No Posts Found

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We are working on additional PRO features:

  • Custom Icons for Launcher – user can upload company logo
  • Advanced Contact Form Fields – phone number, file attachment, and more
  • Animated Launcher
  • And more

Help Dialog PRO plugin enhances analytics, makes Help Dialog even more configurable, and has new features to increase user engagement.

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Display HD on any Pages, Posts, or Articles Learn More
Search FAQs, Posts, and Articles Learn More
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Analytics Learn More
Launcher Custom Icons (Upload Your Own) - Coming Soon
Launcher Text
Advanced Contact Form (Phone Number, File Attachment) - Coming Soon
WPML Support/Compatibility
Polylang Support/Compatibility
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The Core plugin is absolutely free with many features.

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